The box "A better day" includes:

  • 1 Book
  • 1 Game
  • Stickers
  • Flyer

The Book

How to live a good life, but be eco-friendly? Why is having a little dog better for the climate than having a cat? How can we travel without doing any harm to the world? What is >voluntourism<? What is the >animal-friday<? And is a 30-hour-work-week better for your provision?  

The book "A better day the 100 way ... and other everyday ideas for a better world" by the author Thomas Weber shows us funny and creative ideas, easy to imitate but without any lecture. 

The book is available in german.

The Game

The game is based on the principles of the well-known „memory-game“, but more tricky. The easy version (like a memory-game) can be played by the age of 4. The „Full-Version“ is a great practice for the numbers 1-100 by the age of 8. And as a strategy-game for young adults and adults - fun with an educational impact.

„Aim for 100“ is an educational game and can be used as teaching material for any level of education:

  • as an input for climate change
  • as a small break with niveau
  • for class- or school-competitions

And: the perfect game for anyone who loves playing and convivial evenings.



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