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“A better day the 100 way” is a self-funded initiative of Kairos – Impact Research & Development in Bregenz, Austria and Integral Ruedi Baur in Zurich, Switzerland. Both partners are in equal parts owners and sponsors of the initiative. 

The owners provide the idea and materials for further dissemination. The owners so far have carried all development efforts and costs. Any future revenue created by the initiative will directly go towards its further development. “A better day the 100 way” carries a creative commons licence in order to prevent third parties claiming ownership. Details can be found unde r

The production of information materials and the ongoing research and calculation of scientifically sound CO2 values (points) involves significant monetary expenses. We can only do this work as much as our financial situation permits it. In order to intensify our activities we are grateful for any donations, which will of course exclusively be used to develop and promote “A better day the 100 way”. 

Come and also visit us on Facebook and support the initiative by sending our link to your family and friends.

Many thanks and wishing you a better day!