Help us to develop tools for you, so we can reduce our CO2 footprint together.

Our Mission

We believe that our lifestyle has to be adjusted to help us lead a healthier, happier and greener life. A focus on bigger, faster and more, more, more will not make us happier in the long run.

We develop tools that allow you to make your lifestyle more sustainable and to translate your experiences into political claims. Our ambition is to reach out as a community and push for urgent political decisions on climate protection.


Examine your lifestyle and consumer behaviour, calculate your carbon footprint

Find more climate-friendly alternatives, make positive changes

Raise awarness, share with our commnity
Happy you, happy planet


people reached


tons of Co2 cut

Help us to reach more people!

Our goals

These are the key goals we will be working on in the coming year. But we need your help in order to stay financially and politically independent. 

Educational tools for future decision makers

Support us, so we can develop exciting new school material and change the future.

Mobile app to reach more people

Help us build a brand-new app, so we can expand our community and influence political decisions.

New ideas for Co2 reduction alternatives

Sponsor the research of a new item for our database. Gives you more options and helps us stay independent and credible.

Exciting educational tools for schools

Educating future generations will have the most profound impact on tackling climate change successfully.

We’re developing a set of fantastic and based-on-facts classroom material that teachers can use to explain climate change and what can be done about it. Pupils will learn about the sustainable and fair interaction with our environment, natural resources and fellow human beings in other parts of the world. These kids will be the decision makers of the future.

The development of the school package costs us 10.000 Euros. If we aim at 100 classes of about 20 kids each, then that’s 5 Euros per pupil. That’s the cost of a snack. Donate the cost of a snack and change the future!

Mobile app to reach more people

Our app is getting a major overhaul and will have lots of exciting new features. In the future you won’t only be able to gauge the carbon footprint of your lifestyle, we will bring you practical advice, interesting background information, a regular newsletter, as well as challenges and tangible goals to make your experience more fun.

The most important new feature will be that we as a community want to enter into a dialogue with political decision makers.

Involving politics, pushing for ambitious climate protection measures and increasing broad awareness and acceptance within the general public is essential if we want to stop climate change.

New ideas for Co2 reduction alternatives

To us it’s essential to stay independent and we want to be able to stand up to the most severe critic or climate change skeptic. We therefore put a lot of emphasis on accuracy, credibility and sound scientific data when we’re researching stuff.

It costs about 50 Euros to research the carbon footprint of one single item in our database, such as a pair of sneakers or a liter of organic milk.

Do you sometimes feel you’d need more options when calculating the impact of your lifestyle? Then help us to research more products and expand our database.

Be part of our community and exciting developments

We are a team of 15 people based in Bregenz, Zürich, Feldkirch, Landeck, Berlin and Budapest - in the countries of Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Hungary.

Martin Strele


Martin does not travel by plane anymore, he takes the train instead.

Eva Jochum


Eva gets a local organic fruit & veg box and rides her bicycle.

Christoph Breuer

product development

Christoph insulated his house and swiched from oil central heating to a wood-burning stove. He loves the crackling of the fire.


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