Why 100 points?

Our choices of food or consumer goods, where we live and how we heat our homes, our electricity requirements and modes of transport all directly and indirectly produce CO2.

The emission of greenhouse gases affecting our climate - measured as CO2-eq - is a good indicator for the long-term ecological effects of our actions. We believe that at present the CO2-eq is a suitable measure to make us aware of the magnitude of climatic effects and damage our lifestyle causes to our planet.

Currently, 5.3 kg is the amount of CO2 each person on this planet may emit on a daily basis by how they live, in order to keep our climate in balance. We convert this amount to 100 points. Every single day, each person has 100 points at their disposal.

A better day the 100 way is a currency for climatic effects of our lifestyle. 

5.3kg CO2 = 100 points